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Clay tablets or real iPads – which do you prefer?

Scammers recently paid cash for some iPad 2s in Vancouver, replaced the real iPads with carefully-weighed bags of modeling clay, resealed the packaging, and returned them to the store for a full refund. The first buyers of the “refurbished” iPads … Continue reading

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Satellite Internet users: Exede is faster & costs less.

Yes, here comes a commercial.  For Internet users out in the country, a new satellite Internet provider has joined the playing field among HughesNet and WildBlue. I have never endorsed HughesNet because I felt they underdelivered and overpriced their service.  … Continue reading

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Please turn off all electronic devices while plane is in flight.

For well over a decade, we have been told to turn off our cell phones, laptops, video games, etc. while flying on a commercial airplane.  Originally the Federal Aviation Administration claimed that the frequencies emitted by our devices would cause … Continue reading

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A computer by any other name…

Expectant parents put significant thought into their childrens’ names.  Maybe they’re named after a relative, your best friend from college, the EMT who saved your life years earlier, or your favorite NASCAR driver. I.T. folks likewise put significant thought into … Continue reading

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Beware These Signs Of An Online Tax Scam

As tax season continues, be alert for phishing emails that appear to be messages from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Scammers use email, websites and even social media like Facebook and Twitter to trick taxpayers into sharing personal and financial … Continue reading

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Could your dirty bathwater show up in an online search?

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other operators of massive data centres are always looking for ways to make their facilities more energy-efficient, primarily to drive down the skyrocketing costs of running these operations, as well as to lessen the impact these … Continue reading

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Should your business consider Office 365?

If your business has an in-house Exchange server, here’s why you should consider Office 365 for email and calendaring: No hardware purchase or maintenance costs. World-class reliability and support. Easier integration with mobile devices. No worries about in-house disaster recovery. … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia Brittanica is nothing more than a collectible memory…

What was once sold door-to-door, has celebrated 244 birthdays, and is something we have all used?  The Encyclopaedia Britannica. As a sign of the times, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is no longer being released in print, moving instead to their website … Continue reading

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Don’t steal iPads if you run a meth lab.

In early March, San Jose police were tracking down a stolen iPad and had traced its possible whereabouts to an apartment complex.  Without a warrant, officers knocked on the apartment door, and were politely let in by the tenants to … Continue reading

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Need wireless? Let’s exploit the homeless!

The story goes that a marketing firm is partnering with a homeless shelter in Austin, Texas, to outfit their homeless clients with backpacks that turn them into pay-as-you-go mobile 4G hotspots. Mobile users wanting to use the 4G send a … Continue reading

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