Clay tablets or real iPads – which do you prefer?

Scammers recently paid cash for some iPad 2s in Vancouver, replaced the real iPads with carefully-weighed bags of modeling clay, resealed the packaging, and returned them to the store for a full refund.

The first buyers of the “refurbished” iPads were treated suspiciously like criminals when they tried to return their bags of modeling clay.  It wasn’t until the mainstream media caught wind of the story that other victims came forward.

The moral of the story: You can’t always trust retail packaging.

Isaac Grover is the senior I.T. consultant at Quality Computer Services.  When he’s not enveloped in technology, he enjoys being with his family and being involved in the community.
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2 Responses to Clay tablets or real iPads – which do you prefer?

  1. Tim Barton says:

    If only those with these creative minds would put their talent to work honestly. They could be millionaires.

  2. Roger says:

    I’m with Tim, so much wasted talent when these folks are devising schemes instead of inventing or creating

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