Please turn off all electronic devices while plane is in flight.

For well over a decade, we have been told to turn off our cell phones, laptops, video games, etc. while flying on a commercial airplane.  Originally the Federal Aviation Administration claimed that the frequencies emitted by our devices would cause interference with the airplane’s onboard equipment.

That claim has been debunked multiple times, yet the FAA left the policy in place.  I suspect it was left in place to minimize the distraction by non-technology-using passengers.

My opinions aside, the FAA is pending a review of that policy.  As they need to conduct extensive testing to verify no interference, don’t think you can start hauling your gear en masse tomorrow.  But the winds of change are indeed blowing…

Isaac Grover is the senior I.T. consultant at Quality Computer Services.  When he’s not enveloped in technology, he enjoys being with his family and being involved in the community.
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  1. Brett Meddaugh says:

    I’ve seen this episode of Mythbusters! I hope they change it too, but I think they perhaps still have it in place to make certain people can’t totally ignore the flight attendants safety demonstrations or maybe to make sure people do not have their more expensive and breakable things out during bumpy landings/takeoffs. Just speculations though.
    One thing that makes me agree with you is I don’t recall them adding in their announcements that electronics “may interfere with the airplanes’ communication and navigation systems.” like they used to.

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