AT&T wants to do away with your landline.

In response to a Notice of Inquiry released by the FCC to explore how to transition to a purely IP-based communications network, AT&T has declared that it’s time to cut the cord. AT&T told the FCC that the death of landlines is a matter of when, not if, and asked that a firm deadline be set for pulling the plug.

AT&T said in its response to the FCC that “with each passing day, more and more communications services migrate to broadband and IP-based services, leaving the public switched telephone network (“PSTN”) and plain-old telephone service (“POTS”) as relics of a by-gone era.”

My home phone has been on VoIP for over five years, our company’s phones have been on VoIP for over two years, my mobile phone gets used A LOT between appointments, but I haven’t paid AT&T a dime for phone service in years.

If you still have a landline, let me know why!!!

Isaac Grover is the owner and chief technologist at Quality Computer Services.  When he’s not enveloped in technology, he enjoys being a dad and being involved in the community.
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9 Responses to AT&T wants to do away with your landline.

  1. Bruce Fehringer says:

    I still have a land line at my house because it is cheaper, more reliable, more convienient, and better quality sound than a cell phone. It is also cheaper than an IP line from an ISP.


    We still have a landline because cellular service in our area is sketchy and many calls are dropped or completely missed due to poor reception. We don’t have access to broadband so cannot do VoIP in our area. I think it’s a complete waste of money for our landline that we rarely use, but with a child still in school we think its necessary at least until they graduate.

    If we had better cell reception and/or broadband – I would drop it in a second.

  3. Lisa says:

    We still have an at&t landline because we need one to have highspeed internet. It’s cheaper than getting digital/cable tv with internet. We rarely use the landline. Only our parents call it and that is if we don’t answer our cell phones. If we could get an internet only line, we would.

    • Isaac Grover says:


      You *can* get Internet-only DSL through AT&T. Call them up and ask to convert your account over to “naked DSL” service; you’ll lose the phone number, but you won’t lose your Internet service.

      Thanks for your comment,

  4. JulieN says:

    Same as Michelle: No or poor cel service at home. We have to use wireless for the internet, as DSL is not an option. You can not use an internet phone with wireless web. In addition, as far as I know, 911 logs your service address from a landline so it is less info to give in an emergency.

  5. slf says:

    Not having a land line would make me very nervous. Intend to keep it forever.

  6. Lynette says:

    We have kids with health issues so we need a landline for 911 purposes. We also get lots of blackouts here that can last 3-4 days. The internet-based phone lines are not able to stay up that long without power. We can’t guarantee the cell phone batteries will last that long either.

  7. ann says:

    because my husband has a defibulator and must use a landline to transmitt readings to his doctor

  8. ada says:

    i still have a ported line and I have a uverse line…..The sound quality is so poor on the uverse line that I almost never use it.

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